Document Conventions


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NOTE   Contains important or helpful information.

CAUTION!   Contains important information that may prevent unexpected results or data loss.

**WARNING**   Be extremely careful and obey all safety and security measures. In this situation, your actions could result in catastrophic data loss or personal injury.

Syntax and Typeface

Format Convention

The bold attribute is used to indicate the following:

>Command-line commands and options (Type dir /p.)

> Button names (Click Save As.)

> Check box and radio button names (Select the Print Duplex checkbox.)

> Dialog box titles (On the Protect Document dialog box, click Yes.)

> Field names (User Name: Enter the name of the user.)

> Menu names (On the File menu, click Save.) (Click Menu > Go To > Folders.)

>User input (In the Date box, type April 1.)


In type, the italic attribute is used for emphasis or to indicate a related document. (See Installation Guide for more information.)

<variable> In command descriptions, angle brackets represent variables. You must substitute a value for command line arguments that are enclosed in angle brackets.